Sarah Shabacon is a creative mind and a free soul full of light and beauty. A fighting woman, a loving mother, a conscious and generous person. She is also behind Bohème Goods, a lovely curated online store which is a true reflection of her lifestyle and where you can find some vintage, her own designs and amazing objects.

She is our muse since we got to her relaxed Instagram account full of love, bright, a warm and golden color palette, natural and raw beauty. We admire her style, her way of living with her beautiful family and her way of seeing things through a glass of respect and empathy.

Probably you know her Instagram account, but we really want you to know this kind, sweet and inspiring woman behind.

- How do you visualize yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I imagine I'll be backpacking somewhere in the world with my husband and our sons as our eldest son will have just graduated from high school. We do everything together and I hope to continue this closeness for many more years.

- We know that changing the world is not an easy thing, but we do believe in the importance of small actions. Considering this, in which way do you contribute to the changing?
There is so much power in how we raise our children and how we show our children love and compassion.

- What values do you teach to your children?
Empathy I believe is the greatest value and gift you can help your children learn. When we are able to feel empathy, the lives of others instantly become significant.

- Which points are essential in a brand to be important in your wardrobe?
The brands in my closet are nearly all owned by women, ethically made and made of natural fibers, or vintage.

- Since you’ve known Monica Cordera, you have been acquiring several garments. What was that thing that made you put an eye on us? Which is the garment that identifies you the most and why?
What set Monica Cordera apart from any other brand I'd owned before was the simple silhouettes that had just enough of a unique twist to make them stand out while blending in. A diagonal front to a cardigan, exaggerated legs to a pair of fitted trousers. I really appreciate these subtle details in design.

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