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Posted on November 2, 2020

We believe in what we do, working with love, hope and lots of care. We believe in small business, long term and reliable relationships with small factories. We believe in the people who work with us. We believe in our customers and their thoughtful consumption. We believe in a better future and we want to take part of it.

The way we do things is important for us, is our way of life and our philosophy. Is because of that that we always offer fair prices, high quality and a 100% made in Spain ethical production. We don’t want to make disposable clothes because we value the people behind each garment.

Mónica Cordera is not just a brand, we would like to be an example for a sustainable future and ethical fashion; we are committed to transparency, we recognize and respect every human being behind our clothes and we are meant to break boundaries between fashion and nature.  

We love fashion, but we don’t want fashion to exploit people or destroy our planet. We think it’s time to slow down, buy less and better, transform the fashion industry and give mother nature a chance to regenerate. Mónica Cordera strives to conserve and restore the environment, our brand stands in solidarity, equality, inclusiveness and diversity.

For all these reasons, year after year we decide NOT TO JOIN THE BLACK FRIDAY SALES.
As we have manifested many times we want you to buy our clothes because you feel it and you love them not because their discounts. Our clothing is made to last, is made to be used and to be loved forever. We are not fast fashion and we don’t follow their rules.

So is your Friday going to be Black or Conscious?


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