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Posted on February 29, 2020

The new collection of Mónica Cordera immerses us in a proposal where neutral colours and timeless shapes prevail. These garments, with a noticeable minimalist style, show innovative outlines and patterns with volume, giving a modern touch to her new proposal, in which the oversized clothing contrasts with tight-fitting pieces, creating an optical effect of nearly architectural proportions.The range of materials extends infinitely to find a breadth of different fabrics with something in common: basics that stand out thanks to their material, not only because of the pleasant sense of touch, but also because of their lasting nature. Thus, delicate organic cotton, ramie, virgin wool together with rustic linen embrace the body in a very subtle and elegant way.

At the same time, colour ensures those pieces can be matched with bolder ones in order to create stunning looks. Their design, simple but far from anodyne, turns these pieces into garments that transcends trends: timelessness is their most precious feature.With a clear commitment to monochrome, Mónica Cordera plays with textures, all of which raises the tone to a higher level. A sound proposal, a perfect balance between boldness, coherence and sustainable fashion. Her commitment is clear: it is not about having a lot of clothes, but about having your favourites forever.
In short, it is a versatile collection full of fluid dresses, maxi jackets, trousers and sweaters that embrace the body in an atemporal and feminine way, making up a collection full of special pieces that match each other, creating powerful looks and an eternal wardrobe.

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