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Posted on December 28, 2020

In all our way here we have always tried to keep our essence and our values together, and of course, show them to you with transparency.

Our clothing is not seasonal, so you can buy it now and wear them forever. This is one of our most important values: atemporality, made eternal pieces, timeless creations and styles with no expiration date which does not follow the seasons.

This is a way of life that we strive to transmit since our origin: We think that the right way to the fashion industry is buying smaller and better quality, and giving your clothes a longer life.

We produce in a limited and sustainable way, which means that we do not have excess of stock. We have an “honest pricing” policy, we are always crear and our prices are fair.

Is because of that we will not make sales, because we are committed to the idea of living better with less that last longer.


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